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Slow Motion

Breath with Billie

Billie is a breathwork instructor and holistic life coach, specialising in nervous system regulation and emotional healing.

Running signature breathwork classes, as well as seasonal living and emotional healing workshops has allowed Billie to spread her passion but also teach others about the simple pleasures of everyday life, slowing down to notice the healing tools that they have within them. Billie’s sessions encourage the participant to calm the nervous system, clear stress/unprocessed emotion from the body, before connecting back to the mind, body and soul.

Teaching breathwork outside, within nature for the National Trust, throughout the year is such a beautiful way to honour the changing of the seasons. Bringing breathwork to Camp Bestival is the icing on the cake! To breathe the breath, as well as allowing the breath to breathe us, whilst grounding in such incredible outdoor settings has been a real career high so far.

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