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Family Fun

Soft Play

Welcome to our fun-filled tent full of Softplay and mayhem for under 5s. We have Softplay, ball pools, Didi cars, tunnels, play tents, bouncy animals and fancy dress.
Lots to keep your little people happy!

The tent will be open: 08:30 – 19:30 Daily

We will be running 5 workshops at different times throughout the day, so come on down to see what’s happening. Sessions will run 45 Mins each and will be on twice a day. Times to follow. (They will be on the chalkboard at the front of the tent)

Please remember Parents are not to leave children unattended. So sit back and relax !!!

Creative Crafts

Time to get creative with the children, we have various themed crafts suited to your little ones. Sticking, colouring and making just what every child loves and a great way to let their imagination run.

Story Time

Bringing stories to life on a sensory journey. Let’s explore story time through action, songs and props.

Duplo Play

Duplo bricks are a blast for kids! Building and creating with these colourful blocks isn’t just fun- it’s a journey of discovery. With every snap and stack, they’re exploring , learning and crafting their own imaginative world!!

Minky Moos sensory session

Pure freedom of expression for babies, toddlers and pre/schoolers developing all the senses with a wide variety of music, instruments, spacemen, ducks, soft toys and incredible spinning lights. Action songs, nature sounds and different genres of music are combined with the singing performance from Norland trained Penny Stuart to enhance social, physical, emotional and intellectual development and open the senses within a happy positive environment emphasising on praise, self- confidence and freedom of expression through music and movement with all that added Minky Moos magic.

Jiggy Wrigglers

A music and movement group for babies, toddlers and Pre-schoolers. We jump, bounce, wriggle and jiggle our way through lots of lively fun songs with instruments puppets, and other surprises along the way. Which will be with Dowley & Shaun. There will be a session for babies every morning followed by the toddlers and under 5’s in the afternoon.

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