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Sundial Craft

Have you ever wondered how people were able to tell the time before clocks were invented? How did people know how much sunlight they had left? Introducing the Sundial! Learn how this ingenious invention helps keep track of time using the power of the sun. Make your own and take one home with you.

Workshop Information

Our sundial workshops are a fun way to explore our Sun and timekeeping. This workshop is simple to do and suitable for ages 5+ however, children as young as 3 have made the sundial with the help of adults in the past.

The activity begins with the presenter showing the audience their (pre-made) sundial and explaining what a sundial is and that they are about to make one. After a brief introduction to the Sundial and the directions in which the Sun rises and sets, the audience begin making their sundials. Everyone is handed a sheet of paper with the sundial template, complete with instructions. The presenter will also go through the instructions step by step. A copy of the sundial template can be found here. This activity will require cutting out their sundial, folding a gnomon and gluing.

Once everyone has completed their sundials, now we can test them. Using a flashlight to simulate the sun, we make an arch above our sundials from East to West, simulating the path the Sun takes across the sky. By doing this, we can see the shadows cast across the sundial and show how we can use the shadows to give an approximation for time.

Ages 5+
All materials will be provided.
No booking required

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