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The Flying Seagulls Project

Performing from our very own, traditionally-painted Bow Top effect Wagon Stage, and work-shopping in our beautiful Woodman’s Canopy, the Flying Seagulls’ mix of showmanship and family fun will have everyone entertained, amused and inspired all day!
A warning to the crowds: this is no spectator sport!
Everyone – and we mean everyone – gets involved throughout! With high energy music jams, outrageous circus sessions, and the knee trembling highwire challenge, it’s a rollercoaster of total “round-the-bend-ness”.

The action starts every day with a uniquely uplifting and somewhat surprising Wakey Wakey Rise ‘n’ Smile session, and then boasts nonstop action through the day, leaping from stage to play space for a full-throttle experience of Seagull fun. Imagine traditional with a twist, that caters for all ages from pram to Nan!

Suitable for ages: nan to pram!

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