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Due to the huge demand for Campervan and Caravan tickets, we've opened a brand new Campervan/Caravan field for Camp Bestival 2022 – Clare Towers Campervans/Caravans - to the north of the festival site, next to the main festival car parks.


**General Campervans and Kids' Garden Campervans are sold out for 2022, there are a limited number of Front Row Campervans resales available now**


You can hire a Campervan or Motorhome (see links below) or bring your own. General Campervan field is behind the main general camping area, Front Row Campervan Field is right next to Camping Plus close to the festival, and Kids' Garden Campervan Field is right next to the Lower Kids’ Garden.

Your Campervan must be specially adapted for people to stay in (which does not include transit vans with a mattress in the back, 4x4s with the seats folded down or any type of converted ex-emergency service vehicles).

You will need to purchase a separate campervan ticket in advance (£97.50 + booking fee per vehicle for General Campervan field, £250 + booking fee per vehicle for Front Row Campervan Field, and £300 + booking fee per vehicle for Kids' Garden Campervan Fieldfrom here.


You will be allowed 9 x 6 metres of space per campervan pitch to use for your campervan, awning and/or to accommodate your family's tents. You must ensure everything fits within the pitch markings. 


Roof Top Tents / TentBoxes are welcome in the Campervan Fields. 

For Caravans and Trailer Tents please buy a Caravan/Trailer TentFront Row Campervan/Caravan or Kids' Garden Campervan/Caravan ticket as these include parking for your car during the festival.

Also, please note that there will be no electricity or water hook-ups provided, however, there are waste disposal units for campervan/caravan toilets. 


It's also not possible to leave and re-enter the festival with a campervan or motorhome. Movements in the area are restricted until Sunday and Monday when people leave the site. Cars are strictly not allowed in the Campervan field unless they are fitted with a roof-top tent/TentBox which is being used for camping.

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