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Mr Trolley's Trolley Hire Service


Mr Trolley will be back once again to help you carry all your kit from your car to where you decide to camp, and for hire over the weekend!
Hire points will be located in the following car parks:

- Yellow Car Park – General / Boutique Camping
- Green Car Park – Camping Plus
- White Car Park – Backstage / Hospitality

If you are camping in Accessible campsite the nearest hire point for overnight hire is Backstage/Hospitality (White car park).

All trolleys are provided with bungees and an explanation of how to get the most out of your trolley!

If you have children with you, from Friday 3pm, you will be able to hire a trolley overnight to wheel the little ones around in. Allowing you to catch the late performances whilst they are either enjoying the ride or asleep, safe and sound, right by your side. In addition to a trolley you can hire a wagon conversion – a trolley with cushions and a canopy with sides that go up or down. Choose between a trolley or a wagon, in 4 colours, pay for the hire plus the deposit and off you go.
We have a limited amount of trolleys and wagons to pre-book for overnight hire. They will be ready for you to collect from Friday 3pm and are to be returned by Monday 9am (£2 non-refundable booking fee applies).
To pre-book click here!
Pre-bookings will be taken up until Monday 24th July 2023, or until stocks last.

Getting in and out of the festival: £6 for 30 mins (minimum hire)
(Deposit £50)

Wagon conversion: 3 nights - £82
(Deposit £100)
Just a trolley:

3 nights - £52

(Deposit £50)

Wagon conversion: 1 night - £35 // 2 nights - £60 // 3 nights - £80
(Deposit £100)
Just a trolley:

1 night - £25 // 2 nights - £40 // 3 nights - £50
(Deposit £50)

Thursday: gates open - 9pm
Friday: 9am - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Monday: 7.30am - 2pm

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