News Friday 10th May

Caravanserai’s Electrifyingly Alien Delights Revealed

Lovingly fashioned from classic caravans and age-old fairground frippery, Caravanserai is a ramshackle otherworld of alien circus feats, Romany beats and intergalactic brass-fuelled wonder that never fails to deliver the beautifully off-kilter spectacles that make Camp Bestival the uniquely original family festival. As ever, exotic tricksters Cirque Bijou will supply lift off with circus, street theatre and astronomical extravaganzas, while our favourite maverick marvel, Continental Drifts’ big noise Chris Tofu, has conjured Caravanserai’s out of this world assortment of hip-swinging, joy-bringing musical entertainment that will entrance and enthral one and all throughout the weekend at Lulworth Castle this July.

“Welcome to the dazzling extravaganza of our whimsical wonderland that is Caravanserai! Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to a venue bursting with the energy of a circus, the rhythm of jumping music, and the enchantment of storytelling, sprinkled with surprises at every turn.

Imagine a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours swirling around you, as the lively melodies of the jumping music beckon you to join the merry dance. Highlights include Rob da Bank and friends (always!), Rhoda Dakar (The Bodysnatchers), Old Time Sailors, Endorset Takeover, hoedowns, bonkers music, lots and lots of dancing, circus and freaks.”Chris Tofu

Don’t miss the likes of two-tone royalty Rhoda Dakar, whose recent Version Girl album has been a smash hit return to the spotlight for the erstwhile Bodysnatcher; seven-piece hip-hop, soul-jazz, funk force of nature Mellowmatic, and vagabond troubadour Cam Cole.

Breakneck banjo punks Pronghorn head up an Endorset take over which also features Heathen Apostles, The Rolling Drunks, Red Hot Riot, Guns of Navarone and Millie Watson. Sacred Moroccan trance rhythms come courtesy of Gnawa Blues All Stars, there are vintage vibes from Miss Kiddy & the Cads, the main man himself DJ Chris Tofu is joined by soul chanteuse Debbralee Wells, while all of your shanty requirements are cared for by Old Time Sailors. And there are appearances from Vote Pedro, The Brass Funkeys, Tuto Tribe, Burg and The Vagabond Choir and shunTA!

We have another take over, this time from The Mother Wolf Club who present John Swale and the Harp String of the Universe, John Cooper Cluck, Gnostic Frying Pans, Harry Mold, Runchtacular, and Jungle Jim and The Joeys Present ‘Punk 4 Kids’

And expect knock out sets from New Daze, The Transitions, BOTS, The Electric Shakes, Joe Fleming, Lewis Jackson, Issy, DJ Nick Bollox, Mini Da Minx, Ana Defuego, Miss Lily Fortune, Trick Pockets, Dave Recharged, J-Reflection, Bowlzy, DJ Sound C, Lamma G & Friends, Nick Green, and Stef-ee-Pants.

An unmissable stop on your orbit through the Camp Bestival universe, make sure you touch down and explore Caravanserai’s alien wonderland.