Lower Kids' Garden

The epicentre of excitement for young adventurers, the Lower Kids’ Garden is chock-a-block with a feast of fun for little ones. From soft play and sandpits to circus shows and action-packed displays, it’s a treasure trove of activities.

Upper Kids' Garden

Brimming with entertainment and attractions, The Upper Kids’ Garden is where you’ll find BigTopMania Kids Theatre & Circus, puppet shows, The Literary Institute, the fabulous WI, the Feast Collective, DJ BBQs Zoo Crew and so much more.

The Castle Field

Home to the majestic Lulworth Castle and The Castle Stage, the Castle Field  plays host to our esteemed music and children’s entertainment headliners, plus many more amazing live acts and DJs over the course of the weekend, all topped off with dazzling fireworks display.

The Magic Meadow

A world of giddy wonder, the Magic Meadow is where you’ll find myriad delights, from music and entertainment in the Big Top, Bollywood and the incredible Caravanserai, to Camp Bestival’s residents mischief-makers The Bluecoats, an Inflatable Wedding Church, and a tonne more fun!

Wild Tribe

Wild Tribe is a screen-free, leafy land of adventure set in a hidden valley. It’s where wood folk roam by firesides, ancient crafts and traditions are learnt and earthy play is the order of the day.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion is our holistic haven offering you the chance to step outside of the commotion to indulge in some all-encompassing ‘me time’ with an array of restorative therapies, meditation and treatments helping you to rebalance and re-energise, so that you’re ready to head back into the throng to make the most of all the family festival fun.

Dingly Dell

At the heart of Camp Bestival lies our woodland refuge, the Dingly Dell. Beneath the canopy of old English trees, you’ll be carried away from the rush of the festival and into the nurturing bosom of nature’s playground. It’s a magical place of mud pies, tree climbing, wood making and wildlife skills, that is the perfect place to step away from routine and delve into nature.