Accessibility Information


Applications for Camp Bestival Dorset 2022 Access Facilities will open in early 2022. 


Please do contact the access team if you need any assistance and we can help where possible:


Please read all the information below before attending Camp Bestival Dorset.


Camp Bestival Dorset is an outdoor event utilising the grounds of Lulworth Castle. The majority of the grounds are flat and are serviced by a network of paths, however mobility problems are posed on grass areas, particularly in bad weather conditions. If it rains it may get muddy and access around the site (other than on paths) may be very difficult. Electric wheelchairs can tackle most areas without too much trouble but the ground can be uneven in places. Please bear this in mind when attending the event and come prepared for all weather conditions.


There are some pathways located in the Castle Field, and Magic Meadow areas, but the majority of the festival is on short grass with firm soil.


Please note we do not offer any internal transport due to the limitations of moving around the site.


There are around 15 different stages and performance areas, which are located in the main arenas.

All of our Access Facilities can be booked online through the Camp Bestival Dorset Accessibility Application form. Please purchase your ticket for Camp Bestival Dorset, once purchased please complete our application form. Before booking/applying please read our accessibility information below. 


Customers requiring assistance throughout the festival are entitled to apply for one free pass for their Personal Assistant/Support worker. Please note that the customer requiring assistance must have a valid festival ticket before applying. Once you have purchased your ticket please complete this application form and send it back to us with proof of disability. Here are a few of the documents we accept:

• Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility

• Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

• Evidence of being severely sight impaired

• CredAbility Access Card – + 1 category requirement

• A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card.


In the event the festival sells out and you haven’t applied for you PA ticket please do not worry. If you have a valid festival ticket we will ensure a PA ticket is made available for you. 



Please do contact the access team if you need any assistance and we can help where possible:

The ONE FREE pass will be collected at Camp Bestival Dorset when you present your matching ID upon arrival and are with your personal assistant. This will not be sent to you in advance, and we will not issue any PA passes without matching ID (Passport or Driving License), so please remember to bring this with you to avoid disappointment! Personal Assistants will also be able to access the viewing platform if there is space available at the time.


If you feel you require a PA at the festival but do not have any of the above evidence, please contact us explaining your requirements, with any evidence you do have, and we will consider it on a case-by-case basis.

As confirmed above we have a new home for accessible camping. Everyone wishing to camp in the Accessible Campsite will need to apply via the Camp Bestival Dorset Accessibility Application form.

Within the campsite we offer the following facilities:


•    Campsite office with 24 hours staff available

•    Accessible toilets

•    Standard Toilets for friends/family

•    Accessible showers

•    A changing places unit containing a raised bed with a hoist above. Hoist slings will not be available. If you need to use this unit, please bring your own slings.

•    Charging points for electric wheelchair users – located in our pop up tent

•    Fridge for storing medication – located within the campsite office

•    Fresh Water Point

•    Waste Disposal Point

•    A shuttle bus for those who need it running between the campsite and the festival
•    A dedicated, safe pedestrian walkway
•    Spacious location with flat ground
•    A car park next to the campsite in a safe, secure, and private location to making unloading easy
•    Ticket scanning and wristbanding in the campsite 
•    Access team with years of experience, providing 24-hour cover 
•    A dedicated food vendor

Please note that a maximum of 6 people (including yourself and your Personal Assistant) may camp together. Each party will be given a pitch measuring 5x7m. All of your party need to be able to fit within your pitch.


Please note, cars are not permitted to stay in the campsite, once unloaded cars need to be parked in the access car park close by.


All groups are asked to abide by this so that we can fit as many people in the campsite as possible. Please be considerate of others - if you exceed the pitch size, you are taking space away from others!


The Castle Stage – The viewing platform is located at the back of The Castle Field, located to the right of Lulworth Castle (when facing the castle from the Castle Stage.) This can be accessed from the back of the viewing platform.


We also have a small viewing platform located at the back of the Big Top tent.


The viewing platforms & areas are only accessible to those with the correct passes. Our platform has a 1+1 policy so space can be used for those who need it most, however, we do appreciate that at times this may not be possible if you have children or adults who can’t be separated. If this is the case please inform our staff and we will do our very best to accommodate you.


There are accessible toilets located on the viewing platforms.


Everyone wishing to park in the accessible car park will need to apply via the Camp Bestival Dorset Accessibility Application form.


All those approved to camp in the Accessible Campsite will automatically have space to camp in the Accessible Car Park.


If you are a day ticket holder and have a Blue Badge, you can apply to park in the Accessible Car Park via our online Application Form. Only Blue Badge holders, or those in the Accessible Campsite will be able to use the accessibility car park.


If you are camping in a different campsite to the accessibility campsite, it is not recommended for you to park in the accessible car park, as this is a further distance away. For all other campsites, we recommend you use either the general car park or campsite specific car parks (e.g. Camping Plus Car Park, Backstage Camping Car Park, etc). For yellow camping park in yellow and for green park in green, both of these are the closest to each campsite.

Because of the hills at Camp Bestival and the distance from the entrance to the camping areas, we recommend that you arrive by car. 


If you are camping in the Accessible Campsite or need to access the Accessible Carpark, please follow the directions to the Camp Bestival Dorset site. Once you are close by you will pick up the dedicated road signs which take you to the accessibility campsite and car park.


For all other campsites, please follow the information on our Travel Info page.


Please always use festival directions when you see them, and turn off SAT NAVs as these are not always up-to-date and may change due to event situations.


Your parking pass for the Accessible Campsite/Car Park will be collected at the festival where it will be allocated to one vehicle only (this also includes a campervan).

If you are arriving by any bus service, you’ll enter at White gate, which is a very short distance to the Accessible Campsite.


Please contact us directly if you are travelling any other way.


All car parks and campsites will open at 9am on Thursday 28th July 2022.


All campsites close at 12pm on Monday 1st August 2022 (car parks close at 2pm).


Music and entertainment generally runs from roughly 9am – 3am each day (The Castle Stage featuring the event headliners finishes at about midnight on Sunday).


No entrance will be granted to Camp Bestival Dorset after midnight on any night

Our dedicated Accessibility on-site team will be on site all weekend. They are based at the Accessible Campsite and also have a presence at the viewing platform at The Castle Stage.



If you would like to bring an Assistance Dog to the festival, please contact us directly first. We will usually request proof that the dog is registered with an organisation that is a member of Assistance Dogs UK.

Accessible toilets will be provided across site. We will provide further info on their location closer to the festival.


There are accessible toilets at both the Main Stage and Big Top viewing platforms.

If you have any medication that needs to be kept cool, we have fridges available for you to use in the medical tent and also in the access campsite office. The medical tent is open 24 hours a day however the campsite office is only open during the daytime.


The medical tent is located in the Magic Meadow field.


We would like to advise all customers that flicker, laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be in use at the festival site.



These are the distances in metres to the main event fields at Camp Bestival Dorset from the new Accessible Campsite:

Castle Stage Viewing Platform – 707m
Lower Kids' Garden – 677m
Upper Kids' Garden – 900m
Dingly Dell / Slow Motion – 910m
Magic Meadow – 865m
Upper Magic Meadow – 1105m
Wild Tribe – 1300m

We recognise that some, particularly those with specific learning difficulties may need to find a space to step away from the crowds and noise. We do our best to provide this but it is difficult in a festival environment.


You will receive a full information pack before the festival detailing arrival information and other FAQs.


Camp Bestival is committed to making our festival as accessible as possible for all our customers. In working with Attitude is Everything we are always looking to make our festival an inclusive space for everyone.

Our Access Officer is responsible for all access-related enquiries and applications. If the information above does not answer your query or you require our information on PDF format you can contact her on the following;

Email –

Postal – Camp Bestival Dorset, Farmiloe, 30 St John Street, London, EC1M 4AY


You should receive a response within roughly 5 working days. This may be longer when nearer the time of the festival, so please do try to be as patient as possible.


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