Water at the Festival


Clean, delicious and fresh drinking water is available in abundance at Camp Bestival! As the weather can be hot in the middle of summer, it’s important you keep yourself hydrated as much as possible.

Here are the ways you can get water at the festival…

Free Water taps
There are water taps available all over the festival in both the arenas and the campsites. These are marked on our site map. The water is tested by our team and approved by Dorset City Council – it’s completely safe to drinks and totally free; you just need to bring your own bottle or drinking vessel. We’d recommend getting yourself a Stainless Steel bottle from Frank Water! 

Frank Water
Frank Water will be at the festival to offer chilled and filtered refillable water at multiple points around the show. You can pay £6 for an unlimited refill pass, or purchase one of their re-usable water bottles and re-fill for free all weekend! All profits from Frank Water fund their amazing clean water projects in India and Nepal, and of course you’ll be doing your bit to save the planet from plastic! Refill stations are located in the Upper Kids' Garden and the Lower Magic Meadow. 


Frank Water helps change lives by providing access to safe drinking water and sanitation for some of the most marginalised villages in India. Since 2005, Frank Water has reached more than 455,000 people across 677 communities in India and Nepal. 


The profits raised from sales of refill bottles and wristbands at festivals has helped build a water secure future for people  taps and toilets for people like Gaurabai.


Gaurabai lives with her husband and children in Anjaniabedipura village in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. Until a few years ago, she would get all the water her family needed from a handpump around 300m from her home.  300m doesn’t sound far, but think about it. The average person in the UK uses 150 litres per day for household purposes - that covers drinking, washing, cooking and personal hygiene. If you’re careful about the amount you drink and don’t wash yourself or your clothes as often as you’d like, it might be possible to get by on say, 75 litres. Carrying 25 litres at a time, it would still take three round trips to the handpump (that’s nearly 2km in Gaurabai's case) to get enough water for just one person.  For Gaurabai, there just wasn’t the time. She’d carry enough water to drink and cook with. Other activities like washing clothes and bathing were done at the handpump itself - with little privacy. To clean utensils and other household items, she’d use wood and ash. 


Today, Gaurabai and her family have a safe water supply right outside their home. Their lives have changed.


“There is more water available for cleaning and personal hygiene. We wash our hands with soap and water now after defecation and before meals. Utensils are also washed properly with water. We have water even for our animals. This is a big change in our life. I would like to thank all those who made it possible for us”, says Gaurabai.


Refill with Frank Water and help fund more of this life-changing work. Find out more about Frank Water and their work at www.frankwater.com.

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