News Friday 17th May

Kids Wellness at Camp Bestival

Adventure Interludes and Other Pleasingly Peaceable Screen-Free Pursuits

The Camp Bestival crew loves serving up a glorious festi-holiday feast of fun throughout the weekend, but it’s all about the balance, and even we know that you can’t have 100% high-octane excitement all of the time. Especially when it comes to kids’ physical and emotional wellness, regular adventure interludes are exactly what’s required. Pursuing pleasingly peaceable pursuits and screen free activities can give kids a chance to reflect, stretch their creativity, and regain their focus and calm. And honestly, they’re just as much fun as bouncing up and down or swinging through the trees.

So when your family’s ready for gentler amusements at Lulworth Castle, head to Inner Sunshine’s Sensory Garden, where you’ll find a unique blend of natural beauty and mindfulness activities and the space to spend some truly relaxing family time without a screen in sight. And there’s MiniMe Mindfulness too, where children are invited to raise their self-awareness and feel more love, happiness, resilience, internal calm, focus and confidence.

You and the kids can stretch your imaginations with Sandi who will take your whole family through a variety of Yoga poses ending with a lovely relaxation in Children’s Animal Yoga. And Cosmic Pineapple are back in their rainbow tent in Slow Motion offering intentional meditative art projects for children and adults to promote creativity. If your kids have boundless energy, they can join in with the CB Family Running Club, which concentrates on the simple pleasure of motion, our connection with the natural environment and mindful attention. Or they can explore their chi energy by drawing upon the physical arts of Tai Chi and Qigong elements with Kids Tai Chi with Min from Happy Mojos.

Children sat in the woods playing in the sensory garden

Keeping the screen-free theme to the fore, there’s also the chance to indulge in peaceful expression with Mindful Music Figure Drawing lessons in Slow Motion, where models in wonderful and eccentric costumes will hold poses for everyone of all artistic abilities to draw. You can find mindfulness and relaxation art sessions in Art Town and Crochet Corner is a nice comfy craft drop-in area you can find in Fashion & Textile world.

As always, our magical, woodland refuge, the Dingly Dell is the gateway to the nurturing bosom of nature’s playground where Wild Ones offer kids craft, wild workshops and messy activities like mud kitchens and wildcrafts. The Rig is a musical playground for all the family built from recycled objects turned into instruments and sound experiments, plus there’s a host of tooting, whistling, plinking and parping gizmos inspired by a wasteland of unwanted industrial bits and bobs with the Orchestra of Objects.

Child spinning a purple wheel

And local charity Will Does, dedicated to the memory of William Paddy, is available through the weekend to help introduce young people to sports and other activities to help them connect and engage socially.

Promoting peace and family mindfulness with a whole host of screen-free activities be sure to check out all of the kids’ wellness festivities at Camp Bestival.