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The Pelican Post is a charity which focuses on improving access to appropriate children's fiction throughout schools in Africa. Based in the UK, The Pelican Post is run by a group of part-time volunteers and book lovers. Working with numerous charity and publishing partners, The Pelican Post are dedicated to delivering brand new class sets of appropriate fiction to schools throughout Africa so that teachers can practise shared classroom reading and children can discover the joy of books. They believe storytelling in classrooms is not only key to improving literacy uptake rates and driving down poverty, but is also essential in developing a child’s imagination, aspirations and sense of self-worth.

As partners with Camp Bestival, the Pelican Post enjoy the opportunity to meet their supporters and find new followers. We love being at the centre of the book-signing hub with top notch advice on what reads will suit children and adults of all ages. We offer fabulous prices on the latest releases with any profits going directly to our cause of improving literacy in Africa. The much-admired Pelican Postbox (with a new pelican!) will be making a return, allowing people to personalise books going directly into the hands of children in a number of African countries.

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