Family Fun


London sisters Maddy and Alex, the masterminds behind Soul Sisters, are more than just your average trainers. With over 15 years rocking the fitness world, they’ve not only worked with top Olympic athletes, but also ran the adidas studio in London for a stellar 7 years.
Now, their passion for health and well-being extends far beyond the gym walls. Through their online platform, they empower thousands to reach their fitness and nutrition goals.
But Soul Sisters aren’t afraid to shake things up! Their infectious love for fitness and festivals collided to spark Fit Rave, a revolutionary concept that blends high-energy workouts with live DJs and banging beats. It’s your choice – go full-on fitness or get your rave on! This inclusive, all-levels experience is guaranteed to leave you drenched in sweat and grinning from ear to ear. So ditch the ordinary and join the Soul Sisters party!