Live Pig's Big Ballroom


KaraUke is a karaoke experience like no other. You front a full band of ukuleles and accompanied by bass and drums. The experience is live, so instead of singing along to a cheesy video we provide the words alongside the accompaniment. The band are right there on stage so you don’t need to worry about forgetting how a song goes, we’ll help cover if you need! Instead of being in a karaoke booth with just a few mates you’re in a bar, singing your heart out to your old friends and the new friends you’re yet to make.

If you’ve always dreamed of being the lead singer of your own band, we can help you! If you haven’t, then now’s your chance to try!

The KaraUke songbook is broad and varied with genres ranging from rock, pop and rap (you’d be surprised what we can make work on the ukulele!) and from as far back as the 60’s right up to the present day.