A Storyteller, A Drag Queen & A Parenting Psychologist Walk Into A Literary Institute Tent  image


A Storyteller, A Drag Queen & A Parenting Psychologist Walk Into A Literary Institute Tent 


By day, the Literary Institute is a place of savvy celebration, featuring erudite insights and information, with an abundance of delights and diversions that will captivate all, from the tiniest tots to the more time-honoured among us. When evening descends the tongue-in-cheek tales of Drag Storytime will send the little ones off to their camp beds, so that by night the tent can flash a bit of leg, transforming into the risqué world of The Pink Flamingo, where adults-only entertainment means a bit of a boogie and some shared learning become cosy bedfellows.
Mental Health and Wellbeing 
Caring for your wellbeing is as important for kids as it is for parents and carers, so Team CB has gathered together some prime mental health movers to show us ways to let the positivity shine, including Glasgow-based poet and facilitator Imogen Stirling who will help kids use creative expression for wellbeing, Dr Maryhan who will help parents learn ‘How Not To Screw Up Your Kids’ and Nahla Summer who will teach us all ways to be a bit kinder, among many more. 


Plus, the ladies from the Wellness Works have created an animal themed morning of yoga and healthy snacks for all the family. And breathing expert Stuart Sandeman will be talking about how to change negative habits, beliefs and patterns. Also, check out the Workshops and Learnings section below for information about a stop animation workshop covering wellbeing, too. 
Drag Storytime 
It’s just your average bedtime story but with better outfits, fabulous makeup, and a lot more glamour. Harem of No One, Timeberlina and Drag Race UK star Crystal will spin you elegant and enchanting yarns from Literary Institute authors, featuring classics and new discoveries to help relax and settle your little ones down for the evening.
Authors for Kids and Grownups 
With an array of book talks and signings for kids and their grown-ups, The Literary tent has got some very cool prosers at Camp Bestival this year. From Gok Wan, Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown, ‘How To Be A Dad' author Dr Oscar Duke, Instagrammer turned author Katie Kirby (aka Hurrah For Gin), and dancefloor historian Bill Brewster’s ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’, all the way through to the creator of CBeebies’ JoJo and Gran Gran, Laura Henry-Allain MBE and her new children's book 'My Skin, Your Skin’ that explores race and racism, and empowering children to be the best versions of themselves, you’re sure to discover some novel inspiration.
Interactive Storytelling to Engage and Enthral 
Be at the heart of the action in Teatro Vivo’s ‘Faery Den’ where the audience must bring Titania and Oberon back together by helping Oberon write a love song, creating fearsome wings for Titania and helping Peta Quince to act out the mechanicals hilarious scene. 


Bring your best adventure outfit and join ‘The Marvellous Myth Hunter’ for daring escapes, sword fights, weird creatures, interactive games, and the chance to become an honorary member of the Myth Hunter Academy. Travel to ancient Congo to meet a god with an upset stomach, dodge the foul ice giants of Norse mythology and voyage to the lands of the Anishinaabe in Canada to discover why we are living on the back of a giant turtle.
Sex and Relationship Education 
Whether you’re a parent/carer who is terrified of having THAT conversation or you broached the thorny subject as soon as your kids were old enough to understand, making sure your child understands the basics of sex and relationships is a must. So, if you’re comfortable with them learning all about it in an understanding environment at Camp Bestival, Molly Potter author of ‘Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees’ can help to make it all clear.
Workshops and Learning
Sometimes the best way to discover and learn is to get involved, so why not join award-winning film makers The Rainbow Collective as they show you how to use free stop motion software on your phone to bring everyday objects to life, creating narratives on inclusivity and mental health. 
With superheroes, endless glitter, inspiring women, and exciting activities, the Festival of The Girl introduces an interactive way to explore gender equality. Ant-racist activists and sisters Naomi and Natalie will talk about ‘Everyday Racism’ their successful Instagram page and organization that seeks to educate and provide resources. 
Ben Hewitt shows us how six shifts in your lifestyle can help protect our earth in clear, constructive, impactful, and doable ways with 'TAKE THE JUMP,’ Nick Jeffries from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will talk about Circular Economies, and outdoor swimmers John Weller and Lola Culsán will share stories, adventures and advice from their year spent circumnavigating the entire coast of Spain in their VW campervan.
Plus, we have a selection of young people who have benefited from the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust who will talk about how sailing and outdoor adventure created an optimistic feeling for the future, and Kiri Inglis from Bookshop.org will help us learn how to buy books ethically. 

A Right Old Jolly For All the Family
There are plenty of family activities, too with Action Amanda bringing her signature movement, music & games - think rave for the under-fives - to keep us all entertained and help the young ones learn how our amazing bodies work. 
Esteemed journalist John Harris returns with the hotly contested Great Camp Bestival Pop Quiz, and Dress Like A Mum presents Sequins & Bingo featuring Portia's Happy Hour will take over the Literary Institute in unforgettable style. 
Grown Up Stuff in the Evening 
And if all that wisdom wasn’t enough, as night-time falls, the Literary Institute becomes The Pink Flamingo where The Gather will help you find connection focusing on the huge emotional, physical, sexual, and mental adjustments we go through relating to parenthood.


The world’s number one environmentally friendly bearded drag lady Timberlina & Auntie Maureen will bring their bonkers bingo back to Camp Bestival, followed by a DJ set from the queer Queen of One-Hit Wonderful - Auntie Maureen. Plus, East London's freshest performance collective The Harem of No One bring you 1001 Nights, tales of the Middle-East, full of mystery, intrigue, and the power of love, all served up, of course, with their own colourful twist.

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