Indulge In a Weekend of Wellness at Camp Bestival! image


Indulge In a Weekend of Wellness at Camp Bestival!


Wim Hof instructor-led Ice Baths, breathwork with Stuart Sandeman, mindfulness with Maude Hirst, Cosmic Kids Yoga with Jaime, and so much more announced!
From ice baths to meditation and much more, our all-encompassing family ‘festi-holiday’ has everything on site this summer to guarantee a weekend of wellness and recuperation in amongst the festival excitement.
"Josie and I have always had a wellness space at all our shows since we started Bestival in 2004 and loved the ability to sit somewhere quiet and contemplate the world, have a treatment, or try our hands at something new from knitting to meditating, cacao ceremonies to getting outside our comfort zone and chanting with strangers! This summer we feel even more blessed to be able to put on a festival with everything that's happening in the world and so for the first time are theming our wellness areas with the theme of FREEDOM. So many of us take it for granted we can jump in a car or on a train and turn up at a festival with our families and watch our kids run free all weekend as we sit back and enjoy our freedom. This is very much not the case for so many so, in the most positive and inspiring way, we hope to inject some of that spirit into everything that happens in the Slow Motion area." Rob da Bank
Boost your mental health, reduce stress, improve your sleep, and jump into one of the many Ice baths which will be run by Wim Hof certified instructors Aodhnait Lombard and Will Van Zyl. Also known as cold water immersion, just 10 – 15 minutes in the tub can significantly improve wellbeing and aid muscle recovery – the perfect tonic after hours of dancing to your favourite acts.

Breathwork and yoga are the foundation of any wellness program, allowing festival goers to de-stress and unwind. Breathing expert and performance coach Stuart Sandeman, founder of Breathpod, will run self-empowering breathing sessions throughout the weekend whilst actor turned mindfulness and yoga teacher Maude Hirst who founded the EnergyRise meditation app will run bespoke mindfulness sessions.
Ahead of the festival, Maude Hirst said: “I am so excited to be bringing mindfulness to Camp Bestival Dorset this year. All the things I love the most; community, connection, live music and good vibes. Can’t wait to see you all there. Let’s get mindful”


The legendary Jaime Amor of Cosmic Kids Yoga will host special sessions for children on the Castle Stage, blending storytelling with yoga. With over 270m views on her YouTube channel, Jamie has attracted a huge following for her yoga adventures. Think Mary Poppins meets Fred Rogers meets Wonder Woman!

Located within the Slow Motion fields, The Retreat yoga tent will host a daily timetable of yoga for all the family including breath powered yoga, silent yoga, Tai Che sessions, Dynamic Vinyasa Flow and Relaxing Yin Yoga as well as children friendly yoga workshops. There will also be the chance to indulge in a massage and various other de-stressing treatments.
Nestled beside The Retreat will be Rob da Bank’s Sleep Retreat, one in three people worldwide have sleep problems so making sure everyone gets a good night’s rest, especially when you’re at an action-packed festival, is a must. Highlights will include Emily Seear’s wild moon wellbeing and women’s circles, giving women the tools to connect and live a more balanced life, plus recognised as one of the country’s leading military mindfulness specialists, Major Pat Burgess MBE will host special sessions throughout the weekend.
Additional Sleep Retreat activities include IO Project Sound Mediation, heartfulness yoga, relaxation and mediation session with KaRavan and Crystal Sound healing with Kim Booth of Cosmic Pineapple. Alternatively, unwind and de-stress at one of Camp Bestival’s Sleep Retreat Meditation sessions, you’ll be out like a light the minute your head hits the pillow.
The therapeutic properties of sound have long been known to aid relaxation and emotional release. Take part in a Camp Bestival Gong Bath, soak up the reverberations and let the vibrations rejuvenate your spirits. For those on a journey of enlightenment, Shamanic Drumming Journeys will help you to explore life’s mysteries from a more spiritual perspective whilst 5Rhythms sessions connect meditation and movement through dance.
Fire ceremonies will also take place at this year’s Camp Bestival. An awe-inducing ritual that is at the core of myriad ancient traditions across the globe, fire ceremonies are symbolic events that represent healing and purification. Gather and join the ceremonies that will release your fear and negative emotions and help you to find hope, self-belief, and happiness.
Families will be able to take a moment away from the chaos at the Wild Spa, a truly immersive natural Nordic experience. The tranquil area filled with hot tubs, saunas and a Bedouin-style relaxation lounge is the perfect relaxation spot to unwind with friends, family or even alone.
Sometimes the fastest way to feeling good is a full-on physical blow out. For those looking for something a little higher tempo, try the Camp Bestival’s Boot Camp. Expect HITT sessions including jumping jacks, lunges and some classic cardio before heading out into the festival throng ready to face the day.

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