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Navigation Town

Navigation Town is a thrilling new world of discovery coming to Camp Bestival this year. Introducing a medley of escapades and experiences for curious explorers to uncover, it is where you will find the Navigation Station – home to our brand new team of Navigators.

Under the orchestration of Caravanserai innovator Monsieur Bateman, Navigation Town is a realm for creation. It’s a place for making, for observing and playing, brimming with stages, an observatory and bandstand, with libraries filled with books about circus and exploration. It’s where trapeze and high wire acts will somersault and swing through the air, while acrobats entertain crowds gathered in the town square.

Meet the Navigators and trade your tales of voyages across Camp Bestival in return for phenomenal displays of skill, magic and street theatre, and, if you’re lucky, they may even show you the way to find our secret, hidden activities. And don’t forget your essential. Explorer’s Passport, because as you would expect, Navigation Town is where you’ll find a host of exciting stamps and stickers to collect.

Be sure to make your way to Navigation Town this summer and discover a new world of curiosity and exploration at Camp Bestival.

Suitable for all ages

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