Welfare at Camp Bestival


Camp Bestival is a very safe event, but the following standard festival advice is worth taking on board nonetheless… better safe than sorry.

  • We have a welfare area in case you need some respite and there is also be an official meeting point, too. Be aware of your surroundings; remember that you are safer in a group.
  • Look after your belongings – make sure you keep your mobile, wallet/purse and any valuables safe and out of sight.
  • There are no cashpoints available on-site so do bring a small amount of cash with you if you need a taxi home after the festival.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended – even soft drinks can be spiked. Remember, alcohol or drugs can affect your ability to make safe judgments. Drink in moderation to ensure you remain alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • If you see anything that concerns you or if you see anyone acting suspiciously please speak to the nearest member of security or steward – help us make Camp Bestival a safe and pleasant place to be for all.
  • We recommend activating the ‘find my phone’ app or similar on your smartphone before coming to the festival.
  • Camp Bestival’s staff, stewards and security are aware of the safety initiative ‘Ask for Angela‘. If you feel unsafe, vulnerable or threatened you can discreetly seek help by approaching any staff at welfare, info points, hospital and bars, members of security or stewards and tell them that you ‘need to speak to Angela’. They will then look to support and assist you by taking you to a safe place and contacting friends, relatives or police.
  • Please read some advice from Dorset Police on personal crime prevention here.


The following advice to will help to keep you and your family safe:

  • Keep yourself and your family hydrated. There are free water taps available across the festival site, in both the arenas as the campsites – bring a reusable bottle with you to refill and drink water regularly, particularly if you’re consuming alcohol.
  • Bring and wear hats and sunscreen.
  • Seek regular shade under covered areas or at your campsite.
  • With the increased temperatures, this also leads to higher pollen levels. If you suffer from hay fever, please ensure you plan ahead and bring antihistamine tablets, drops or sprays. These are all also sold at the on-site Hospital.
  • Empty all used BBQs in the allocated locations once completely extinguished.
  • If you’re feeling unwell at any point, please visit our on-site Hospital.


It goes without saying that your children are your responsibility and you should keep an eye on them and know where they are at all times.

  • All children AND their family members should have a wristband attached to them when they are at Camp Bestival. This is to help us identify that a child belongs to the adult they are with. A parent/minder’s mobile number will also be written on the child’s wristband. If you do not have one, please seek one immediately upon arrival. Please make sure you and your child both wear these wristbands at all times. Please report to the welfare tent if you need a replacement.
  • Parents/minders should download the site map before they depart for Camp Bestival showing where the Kids’ Help and Welfare Tents are.
  • If you find you have been separated from your child, please go to the nearest Kids’ Help Point or to the Welfare Tent. If you find a child that is obviously lost, please stay where you found them and get someone else to alert security or go to the nearest Kids’ Help Point or to the Welfare Tent. Please DO NOT TRY AND TAKE THE CHILD ANYWHERE, someone will come to you.
  • Please be reminded that it is an offence for any person to be drunk while responsible for a child. We are working closely with Dorset Social Services and Dorset Police to ensure positive action is taken if this offence is identified. Please drink responsibly & remember your responsibilities.
  • TIP: Take a photo of your children on your mobile phone on the morning you depart for Camp Bestival so you have their clothing, hairstyle, and an up to date photo on hand at all times.

Terms & Conditions

Please note the following terms & conditions which relate to under 18s at Camp Bestival:

  • All Child and Teen Ticket holders MUST camp in the same area as their parent, guardian or nominated guardian.
  • Teen Ticket holders are not allowed in the arena field unaccompanied after 10pm.
  • Teen Ticket holders must be accompanied by their parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian at all times after 10pm.
  • Child Ticket holders are not allowed in the arena or campsites unaccompanied at any time.


  • We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of sexual assault or harassment at our festival.
  • We define sexual assault as “any unwanted sexual act or activity”. There are many different kinds of sexual violence including but not restricted to rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  • Such actions and behaviour are not tolerated at our event and suspects of such offences will be pursued and may be ejected from the festival. We will work with the police to support investigations and charging decisions.
  • We have a Welfare team at the festival and support services are available.
  • If something happens to you, please report it to the nearest steward or security guard or head to Welfare. We understand if you don’t feel comfortable reporting an incident while yo are at the festival, please email us at [email protected] to make a report when you get home.
  • We take all reports incredibly seriously and will take a victim led approach to all forms of sexual assault