Live Pig's Big Ballroom

Obidiah Scrumpet Warbler’s Jug & Pot Wash Band

Originally created by Obidiah Scrumpet Warbler in the 16th century, the modern Scrumpet Warblers consist of a no star line up from the nether regions of the music industry to blow things, scratch things, pluck or squeeze things, bash things & strum things.

With your help, the band can expand to fill the venue so come and join them, bring yourselves and something that can make a noise with – or just come and sing, or hum along with the Kazoo chorus (kazoos supplied) to (what were ‘til now) some of your favourite songs.

After you’ve experienced being in the presence of the Scrumpet Warblers you’ll go away smiling, knowing that the rest of the festival is bound to be much better…